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Finally, I have got my wits together. I have decided to make an another flash animation, at least this one will have a story, unlike my first upload, 'Traveling Mind' an animation solely on scribbles and beats!

This one is called 'The Painless Way Out' or just 'Numbness'

I will decide this after the animation is near complete, but judging by the title I guess you guys can say it will be dark and moldy and crap as the last one. Hey its better than being cliched.

This animation is currently inspired by 'Smile'

Below is an image from the beginning, and its designed to grasp your imagination and promote this excellent Flash Cartoon!

New Animation - Coming February !!!!

Happy New Year!

2009-12-31 17:30:23 by CyberHysteria

Most likely there are hundred's more of these, but none the less..

Happy New Year!
From the bottom of my heart!


Holidays and 2010!

2009-12-15 21:20:52 by CyberHysteria

Well, the summer holidays have just kicked in. I wonder if anything major or new will happen to newgrounds next year, but we will just have to wait and see.

For my last 2009 post I would like to discuss a few topics.

Firstly I am new to the whole newgrounds community. I can remember in the past few years I always jumped on newgrounds when I was bored unaware that everything on here was user-made and built by people of all ages, mabey younger than me. I was always fooled into thinking this was just a flash gaming/movie site, like Miniclip, Or addicting games. I believe that me being fooled into thinking this was a good things because it goes to show that everything that has been posted on the front page is excellent material, and nothing shit get put on there

I managed my years at school doing photography. My photos were published in the school magazine, which was a great accomplishment, but I wanted to experiment with animation. I was already into digital video production, but that invites you to get or your arse and video things, but not that flash is any easier, which I later discovered.

We done flash animation in our I.T class. I had already some basic knowledge after previously watching youtube tutorials, which I also later found out were very misleading. I came top in class, and produced a very shit animation, which turned out to be okay. Followed by my animation success in class, I purchased a flash tutorial hand book from a university, and in no time I created my first ever animation, Travelling Mind. Travelling Mind is now a stand alone animation uploaded to newgrounds. Mind you I was tickled pink when it passed judgement.

Its had its up and downs, but it took me a few weeks to finish. I realize now I could have done alot more with it, but at least I can sit back with the novelty of having an animation uploaded to newgrounds.

Okay, Travelling Mind was experimantal, and I kinda done that on purpose to avoid actually animation someone talking and syncing audio with their lip movement, and I also avoided the effort of writing a story, with the usual beginning, middle and end.

After up loading my Travelling Mind animation, qa thought struck me like a brick, on impact to the skull. What am I going to come up with next and how long will it take, and will it get finished. And many other thoughts\

I spent along time doing Travelling Mind and the prospect of doing another animation seems daunting.

Im afraid of my work not getting noticed, and regarding how long it takes to make it, I mean look, heres a youtube video link below of a kid playing a ukelele. Already after a few weeks being uploaded, thousands of people have already seen it. But its so goddam simple. Just a cute little dude playing an instrument. Yet I have to come up with scripts and storyboards in order to make something semi-decent. Heres the link


I think I might just make a flash animation based on that kid on the Ukelele.

Okay there is my rant.

Newgrounds has been so far excellent, and I don't think I have much to complain about, because Im not the fussy kinda guy, especially when I know I can't do better.

Does anyone have any ideoa for a future animation for me that I can do over the boring holidays. Take a look at Travelling Mind and tell me, what kinda animation would suit me the mont.

All the best for the new years


Holidays and 2010!

Flash 8. A program the used to crash my computer when I was in my early teens. A program that confused everytime I spent a few hours drawing a picture then finding that it would dissapear every time I would press F7. I done what most unsuccessful animators done and thats to give up, which I did until now, in my later teens.

I purchased a Flash tutorial booklet from Natcoll NZ which brushed me up on the basics on flash. Okay cool, I now know the basics of animation. Not its time to come togeather with an animation, and I can guarantee that every animation stumbles on the same question. 'What Can I animate?'

or the more open-minded may say 'Will it be original?'

I always start an animation, usually without a story-board, and they usually begin with me drawing a shape on the stage (usually a circle or square). I now discovered that these shapes that I draw on stage are not original, because someone out there has recreated something out of these shapes, in a way better style than what I have.

The skilled get better and the newbies stay newbies (at flash),

I also used to think originality was good, but its really only good when you can actually come up with an original concept.

Okay, I am talking through my ass at the moment, but I have recently published my first ever 'Proper' Flash Animation (which is debatible, becuase it might be considered pointless)

But it does not matter, because it is the closest thing to originality and,

I believed that I have fulfilled my purpose of making an animation that people look at and go 'woooooooooooooooooooooow' and 'wtf???",
and the more open minded say

'this is art..ect'

All I can say is be in for more.


My First Post - So Lets Make It 'Original'