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My First Post - So Lets Make It 'Original'

2009-12-08 00:46:14 by CyberHysteria

Flash 8. A program the used to crash my computer when I was in my early teens. A program that confused everytime I spent a few hours drawing a picture then finding that it would dissapear every time I would press F7. I done what most unsuccessful animators done and thats to give up, which I did until now, in my later teens.

I purchased a Flash tutorial booklet from Natcoll NZ which brushed me up on the basics on flash. Okay cool, I now know the basics of animation. Not its time to come togeather with an animation, and I can guarantee that every animation stumbles on the same question. 'What Can I animate?'

or the more open-minded may say 'Will it be original?'

I always start an animation, usually without a story-board, and they usually begin with me drawing a shape on the stage (usually a circle or square). I now discovered that these shapes that I draw on stage are not original, because someone out there has recreated something out of these shapes, in a way better style than what I have.

The skilled get better and the newbies stay newbies (at flash),

I also used to think originality was good, but its really only good when you can actually come up with an original concept.

Okay, I am talking through my ass at the moment, but I have recently published my first ever 'Proper' Flash Animation (which is debatible, becuase it might be considered pointless)

But it does not matter, because it is the closest thing to originality and,

I believed that I have fulfilled my purpose of making an animation that people look at and go 'woooooooooooooooooooooow' and 'wtf???",
and the more open minded say

'this is art..ect'

All I can say is be in for more.


My First Post - So Lets Make It 'Original'


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2009-12-08 00:53:08

y the long face?

CyberHysteria responds:

why not?