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Entry #4

New Animation - Coming February !!!!

2010-01-11 02:14:17 by CyberHysteria

Finally, I have got my wits together. I have decided to make an another flash animation, at least this one will have a story, unlike my first upload, 'Traveling Mind' an animation solely on scribbles and beats!

This one is called 'The Painless Way Out' or just 'Numbness'

I will decide this after the animation is near complete, but judging by the title I guess you guys can say it will be dark and moldy and crap as the last one. Hey its better than being cliched.

This animation is currently inspired by 'Smile'

Below is an image from the beginning, and its designed to grasp your imagination and promote this excellent Flash Cartoon!

New Animation - Coming February !!!!


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2010-01-12 18:51:26

Looks like it's in the vein of David Firth. I declare good times all around. Good luck, Luxenburg.