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The Heart of Stone The Heart of Stone

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I cryed

Only a human could make something as beautiful as this

nahtanojmal responds:

Well it's inspired by a story Jesus made up. Okay, Okay Jesus was Human. but God in human form! ;D

Living With OCD Living With OCD

Rated 0 / 5 stars

you totally portrayed OCD in the wrong way

I suffer from OCD. It is a mental condition caused by anxiety and guilt. Its when you see something as not being straight or 'perfect' and you cant help yourself but touch it or move it.

In your video this man dosent seem to have OCD because the picture frame is actually moving. When you have OCD usually the item or items you continually touch usually arent moving, or dont move. He could be any normal guy trying to straighten a picture frame.

I mean cmon.

albiokay responds:

you completely missed the point and the symbolism of the video
i too have OCD, and i have done my research, and there are many kinds of OCD
this is a metaphorical representation of ONE kind of OCD
the picture is not moving on its own. It went crooked, and so he tried to fix it, because it must be perfect. When he could not fix it, he tried ignoring it and going about his day, but knowing the picture was crooked bothered him in the back of his head (represented by the picture seeming to advance or grow behind him)
i didnt want to get too phylisophical or documentary with my movie, so i kept it simple, with a simple concept
you've simply failed to grasp it


Rated 2 / 5 stars

I started to yawn.

Okay. Were to begin.

First impressions when reading the description, I expected something truly
remarkable. And for the first 30 seconds I was then I had to mute it and stop. As Im writing this review I can still see the images of 'Bill Murray" spinning up and down the screen, in the same seemless pattern.

Mabey if they came up and danced and had the pop-art look or different images twisted round and driiferent sppeds, and you reduced the animation duration, then this would be decent.

Nice try though!

UberMan5000 responds:

What I feel can't be expressed "popularly".

Recent Game Reviews

Paper Warfare Paper Warfare

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


Great graphics, but totally impossible to shoot enemy when they fire back at you, machine gun style? Its impossible not to die?

zOMGies zOMGies

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

pretty good

Its fun untill they get on your sides. 360 aiming would be nice. The moaning gets annoying, but then again they are zombies, only so much they can say. Good game though.

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Arcuz Arcuz

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Haven't finished the game, pretty fun but not as addictive as many claim it to be.

Here are some tips:
- Add the Thunder attribute to your weapon is very effective. If you don't have the crystals even level 2 would be much better than none.
- Add luck at the beginning. Since your attack is pretty much linked to your level comparative to the monster you're attacking, at the beginning I don't think strength matters much. Asides from the critical hits, luck also increases the drop rate which is essential throughout the game.

Having lots of luck means running through a few maps of slimes can give you 6-7 crystals and a couple stones, it also means better drops which you sell for money. (Having said that, I think I overdid my luck as by level 24 I had 106 points in luck, 100+ in strength, around 80-90 points in constitution and 60+ points in agility. This means I have 65% critical chance and also leads to my next tip.)
- How is it possible to have almost 400 points for you to distribute at level 24? (Truth is I had 350+ points at level 20) This is because I saved up my points until I got level 20. I did this for a few reasons which I will explain later. Anyway I only put points into the passive weapon skill which allowed me to swing faster. Right when I reached level 20 I had enough skill points to immediately max out the "Add all attributes" skill, which added a 50 points to each attribute when I was only level 20. This means adding 50x4=200 points to your attributes in one level.

This allowed me to train on monsters a few levels above my own easily and without needing to heal.

- How are you able to not have to heal? Scimitar + HP gain per hit. Adding on the level 10+ passive skill which increased my swing speed, I usually gained more HP than I lost even at level 24. This with the level 3 thunder attribute meant in a 1 on 1 battle, even with "bosses" of quests, I don't lose and I very seldom need to heal.

This is for a few reasons. Not adding on the final strike means you can swing continuously without that huge delay before the final strike which opens you up for attack. (This is my opinion only, of course you can add final strike if you wished.) I also have HP and SP regain per hit on almost all my items. This mean I add 20-30 HP per hit.

The luck which I suggested adding earlier means that you get loads of cash and items, and can easily afford to buy any +2 items you find in the stores and be able to buy stones to level them up. Since I don't ever need to heal, (and honestly even if I did need to heal I could just go to a weaker map and keep hitting monsters that don't inflict damage to regen my HP), I don't need to buy potions.
- Use medium regeneration potions so you don't have to wait for the HP to come back.
- Grinding at first is hard given my method, but eventually it gets a lot easier.
- To be able to finish a map easily, try to divide and conquer the monsters instead of having them all mob you at once. When in trouble, use hurricane, jump then slam down. (Repeat jumping and slamming down to weaken the mob, this works really well with thunder)
- Since you'll have lots of cash, get drop rate on your items at first, later move on to getting lots of critical hit chance and HP regeneration.
- Either wait for +2/+3 items to drop or buy them at stores when you see them, with an abundance of cash you don't need to worry about missing out on these items. +2/+3 items are much stronger and most of the time are better than the next tier items.

That's all I can think of for now. All in all pretty enjoyable game but I do admit its not for people who don't like to grind through levels.

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